Find Your Commercial Rentals with a Sophisticated Mobile App

Rental listing has been one of the most sought in many of the metropolitan cities, in this; there are only two categories available. One is the residential renting and the other is commercial renting, though there have been a lot of websites and apps to carry out the tasks of looking for residential rentals, there are very apps and websites that list the commercial rental spaces. Airbnb for Office Space is one that helps the users to rent the commercial space in any location. As the demand for commercial space keeps increasing there are many apps and listing getting increasing as well, but one such app is Airbnb for Office Space.

Unique Dashboard

The dashboard will display a lot of listings that are in the app, which are listed by the users of the app. The dashboard is designed in order to find a lot of advertisements and has a lot of options that help to contact the advertisers or to contact the persons who have advertised it. Due to the robust database, the data will be automatically changed when a particular property is taken for rent and will be cleared from the vacancy dashboard. Along with the listing, the user will also be able to view the reviews and the ratings of the advertisements as well.

Social Media Sign in

This helps the users to sign in via social media such as Facebook; this will also evict the use of authentication every single time when the user wants to log in to the app. This has provided a lot of answers for the users as they have felt this option is quite helpful and very easy when compared to the traditional way of signing in, which is always relying on the user authentication. Here we use the same concept to sign in to the app with the help of a social media that is already present in the device.

Responsive Design

The app has got a responsive design and this is where the app makes the users stay connected with them. The design of the app will help them to make sure that users of the app are always feeling very comfortable to use the app. This will also make the users find something interesting while looking for an enterprise service through a mobile application. The design of the app is something that makes the users stay with the business and helps the business provider to make a lot of revenue and also profit.

Currency Converter

This feature helps the users to convert the currency according to that day, which will be very useful for the users to know the rate of the commercial listing. This is one of the added advantages for the users when they are looking a commercial space in a different or a new location. The currency converter would use the latest currency price for the listing price of the currency and this will help the users to get a sophisticated knowledge to them those who are actively seeking to open a new branch of their office in a particular location.

The app has got a lot of other features that help the users to find a lot of useful opportunities for them out in no time while others scratch their heads and get baffled about where to find the commercial spaces for their official purposes in a new place. Along with this, the app has a ratings and review option to help the users with the ground zero facts about that particular property or listing.

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