Devops for Etsy is only a method of work

Etsy is the ecommerce marketplace for handicrafts and vintage products is considered as the platform for the developers and operations. The members of the different teams worked together and stayed up after working hours and helped the startup to become successful. And Deploys (development and operations) is a hard task because the developers have to do the coding part and the operations deploy them. In the initial days deploy was done twice a week and each deploy process lasted for four hours. Even though the online company deploys twice a week they wanted to move forward in the industry because back in 2008, the online company Flickr in a single day does 10 deploys.

So the team realized that if a company is able to do 10 deploys in a day, then the process of deploying must not be painful rather it should be an easier process. Then Chad Dickerson the present CEO of Etsy found a way to make the process simpler, the main aspect that was needed was a stable foundation. And the team members and the network must be able to standardized and stable to move forward. The team realized that they need not deploy the entire website if they wanted to change a banner, because during 2009 the site had banners and every week the banner was changed and the process took 4 hours. The members thought that if there was a tool developed that can make the changes without consuming more time and so the development team developed some tools to do the modification.

After years of modification and developments the company now deploys sixty times a day and they want to increase the count. Check Shopsy – Etsy Clone for more details