Airbnb’s features for business travelers

Airbnb revealed in its latest data that business travelers increasingly prefer its platform for business stay. At present 5,000 companies use Airbnb and a separate dashboard for business to coordinate bookings which was launched in July 2015. Around 50,000 employees from 2,000 cities use Airbnb for bookings.The most used destinations by business travelers include San Francisco followed London and New York.

The top cities in the list are Milan, Tokyo and Munich. Half of the top 10 cities are in U.S pointing to the fact that Airbnb is more popular in its home country US than other countries.

The list consisted of cities that are business and enterprise hubs with other factors such as comfort of the location, accessibility to other business and cheaper rent.

To make travel experience more collaborative Airbnb has introduced updates during its annual tech conference in San Francisco. While making business travel booking 11 percent are made by a third person such as the manager or personal assistant. This means that the host is not aware of who is making the booking. To sort this out, third party bookings are allowed and then designate them to the person who it is booked for at the first place.

Apart from this several new features were added to the platform such as group reviews and wish list. While travelling, more than one person will stay and live in Airbnb properties so the new feature will let more than one person add review for one stay.

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