Airbnb to Use Net Promoter Score to Predict Guest Rebooking

Net promoter Score is a report to know about the likelihood that a customer returns to a company website or use the service again.  NPS is calculated based on the response of the consumer for a question known as ‘likely to recommend’. It is based on the feedback given on a scale of value zero to ten.Consumers can be divided based on the response they gave. Some consumers who respond with the value nine or ten are called ‘consumers’. This kind of consumer’s share their status with their friend’s for the promotion of the company.

Consumers those who respond from zero to six are called ‘detractors’ and they are likely to respond bad about the company products and its services. The company cannot expect anything from these kinds of consumers.

Consumers who respond with the score 7 or 8 are called ‘passives’. Though they like the company services and products they are not ready to promote it among their friends.

The range of NPS value ranges from -100(if all response is from detractors) to +100(if all responses are from promoters). This team also uses other review categories like checkin, Accuracy, cleanliness, Location, Value and Communication to anticipate rebookings of customer.

Some predictions of customer rebookings include using a guest’s LTR at the end of the trip, Airbnb can predict if the guests can book in the next 12 months for 56 percent of time.The accuracy can be improved to  63.5 by providing information about the guests,host and trip.

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