Airbnb is expected to double its bookings

Airbnb is highly expected to double its nightly bookings this year. This means the service is approaching a rapid growth in such a short period of time.  It is expected to have 80 million bookings this year when it had 40 million bookings last year. The number has been doubled which is clearly a healthy sign of rapid growth. Airbnb wants to maintain the secrecy of its nightly bookings by not disclosing the figure to the media. However, the unnamed investors brought out the news to the eyes of media. The growth is expected to expand more in the following years. Airbnb service is known to have almost 1.5 million listings across 34,000 cities in 190 countries. The listings include short term housing rental, tree houses, castles, guest rooms, apartments, house boats and so on.  The Airbnb does not own properties and is not responsible for housekeeping unlike hotels. The research arm Piper Jaffray estimated earlier this year that the service would have 61 million nightly bookings. But the company has surpassed the estimated record, the investors said.

Despite all the controversies caused by the lawmakers and regulators, the Airbnb service never once hit crisis which is a very commendable thing! Several travelers prefer Airbnb services to hotel managements because of affordable prices, host’s local knowledge about the neighborhood, and the traveler’s freedom to book the entire home. Airbnb’s efforts of winning over business travelers are also slowly succeeding. The company’s 50 percent of revenue comes from Europe whereas the United States contributes only 30 percent. Many home owners in Europe are invited by Airbnb to host their homes in the site. Paris possesses highest number of listings when compared to other cities in Europe. According to several sources, the service is also slowly blooming in China. Many hotel groups and managements consider the Airbnb service to be their biggest threat ever!

Airbnb is booming, launch your own Airbnb Clone

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