A Quicker Way to Get the Work Done

Have you ever thought of hiring someone to fix the pipeline in your house? Or have you ever come across bringing some electrician to fix the electrical lines in your house so that you can get the light or the A/C fixed? Well, many people have done that and some are even expert at doing those things by themselves, even for the later ones they don’t find time to do all these things do to their work and many other factors. But how is it like to book an electrician and appoint him to do the work when you are available in your home without even approaching them in person, more precisely through your mobile phone? Quickrabbit has got you covered.

Location Based Services

The app is mainly used to get freelancing labor for the everyday household works, this app works in a way that it can be used based on the location where the user is located. The app uses the GPS (Geo Positioning System), which present default in the mobile devices, to locate the current location where the device is located and pull information based on the users’ query and demand. The app will get the information about the services offered by many people and lets the user book an appointment as per the users’ availability. This needs a stable internet connection to the device.

Credit Card Payments

The app has payment options for the service that are acquired by the users, as the service is an on-demand paid service the user has to pay the money for the service that is used by the users, which the app does it pitch perfectly. The payment gateway of the app is thoroughly secured as it has to handle a lot of transactions as well. The users can pay the money by using their credit cards and ATM cards, which is very simple for anyone and a piece of cake for the people who have good exposure to the technology field.

Responsive User Interface

Many people would not like to use a mobile application due to various reasons, one reason is the app is very complicated to use for an ordinary user, this being the main reason many lose interest in using the mobile application to achieve the task that had been done in a hectic manual way. This app has a good user interface and also a good user experience as well, to make the users get glued onto the app has many other qualities such as better app elements in the application to make the process smooth and easier, which makes the users like it.

Clone Application

The app that we are discussing here, Quickrabbit is a cloned application of the app called TaskRabbit. This means it has got a lot of features from the original app TaskRabbit. Since it is a clone app, it has a lot of features that are available in the original app TaskRabbit and also some of the newer features that help the users to make the work done in no matter of time. This also helps the people to save a lot of money and time, cloned apps are comparatively easier to develop in contrast to the apps that are developed from the scratch.

Quickrabbit has got a lot of other features and options that are coming in handy to users to get their work done in a simpler and an efficient way with the minimum amount of energy and time being used with having a secured money transaction for the on-demand services.

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