A Perfect Reliable Assistant To Look Out The Pets

At present, every work is ultimately connected by some means of communication through the mobile applications, and the mobile apps turned into a preeminent thing for everyday usual practices of the people. It is a handy one that assists us to go through our work in a fast, efficient and also in a reliable way. Now, this app feature has made its footprint in the pet caring section also. It helps to provide care and services for the pet animals, like taking them out for a walk or providing other services and requirements for the pets raised by the people and also ultimately to make the owners relax. Here are some of the distinctive features of the app.

It helps a lot to find the dog walkers. Dog walker’s duty is to take the dog out for a walk and to spend some time in the outer environment. It can be actually done by the owner itself, but many of the dog owners are so hard to find their time to take their dogs for a walk and hiring dog walkers really helps to resolve that. The app lets users find the nearby dog walkers just by turning on the GPS option on their mobile, and the app will display the list of available dog walkers nearby to their home.

After the search result list out for the dog walkers, the user has to ensure whether he had entered the location as the current location or the location of the pet. Because some of the users are hiring the dog walkers for the pet which is in another different location, so that by entering the wrong address, the dog walker will face same conundrum to reach out the actual location of the pet.

The dog walkers that are shown in the app are the registered users, whose details are readily available after confirming the dog walker to the pet. The user has to enter the timing details to take out his pet to the outside environment and other details. The payment option is available in the app, and the user can be able to send money to the dog walkers through multiple options such as by cards, e-wallets, net banking and cash on delivery also. If any misconception is there between the user and the dog walker in the payment process, the user can avail the cash on delivery option. The user can add money to the wallet from their bank accounts balance directly, so that instant payments could be easily made.

The app is assigned with multiple unique features such as advanced calendar management, Review and rating, IP based currency, Multi language, and currency converter, etc. Every user has different requirements and they are having different pet animals also. So to get the right need in an effortless input, filter options are available in the app. With the use of this option, the user can be able to adjust with different options such as cost, timings and what type of pet animals is taking care by the dog walkers. It also allows the users to have direct communication with the dog walker. The notification alerts are readily sent to both the users and dog sitters via SMS and mail. For the sitters they are freely able to select their payment choice. Once the sitter had provided the service successfully, he can select the right amount to be paid for the service provided. By using this elegant app, the pet owners have a huge choice to select the sitters for their lovely pets to take care in their busy schedules.

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