A Mobile App to Replace TaskRabbit

As there is a tremendous demand for workforce around the world , many are struggling to get their work done, but actually, it is the opposite that is there are enough personnel available for the people to get their work done, with the help of their Smartphones. It is unfair to expect everyone , especially in this decade to indulge in their everyday work in their homes and some cannot even be done without any skilled persons, some are fixing the pipeline of the house or checking the wiring connection, these works need to be done with the right persons like an electrician, plumber etc.

Mobile App

These works can be done with the help of a mobile application, which would be the least work done by any person. The mobile app that has many features in order to support to do all these tasks to get these handyman works done with such an easier for these people, and this also has a lot of options that would help them have a prior communication with them. There are many other features available in this app that helps the users to live a smooth life. With the help of this app, the users don’t have to worry about the geographical location.


Communication can be done very simply between the freelance labor and the person who is seeking the service; the app has a separate section and allows the users to communicate with the freelance labor as it seems vital to have a higher chance of providing a seamless service to the users. It can be used to guide the freelancer to the user’s home address or even to book them for later appointments. The communication can be a vital part of all the users and will surely benefit from this; it also helps the people by sending notifications about the changes that take place.

Technical Support

In this twenty-first century sure everyone is using electronic gadgets and computer devices, these might need some services at any time. In order to fix it, the users have to contact any of the service providers to get the issue fixed up by asking them to visit your home. The charges for the services are solely defined by the individual freelancing labors; the app has no authority over the pricing listed in the app. There are many other services can be utilized by the users like an air conditioner repairing, washing machine, refrigerator, television, and many other home appliances can be fixed with the help of this app.


The app is also providing services for the users in cleaning and maintenance of the house, the users can hire those persons to accomplish the task and during the meantime, they can do some other work like to take your kid out or go for a swim. This is totally time-saving and helps the users in many different ways. Cleaning is one of the primary services provided by the freelancers for the households, a variety of cleaning services like floor, house, oven or entire kitchen cleaning is also provided by many people. The app lets the users hire personnel according to their convenience.

There are many other features available in this app that would come in handy for the users to handle the household works and others work like gardening as well. The work according to the geographical location that the user is based on, so the services would be very precise and helpful for the locals to get their work done and also to find their right help at the right time.

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