8 popular ride sharing apps


In San Francisco, Flywheel taxi is one of the oldest and largest cab companies with clean cars and civilized drivers. The main benefit of their service for the riders is there is no dynamic pricing or surge pricing, the fare will remain default at any situation. The flywheel is the second largest service provider for the wheel chair accessible taxi with trained drivers. They provide 24 × 7 hours direct line service for the riders.

One of their services loves by both the drivers and customers are Hybrid Taxi service. Because, Hybrid Taxis are comfortable, seat up to four passengers and they reduce the usage of the gas level rather than guzzle it. We can see win -win for all. It’s like the pool service of the taxi services they drop at the desired destination of every rider.

They follow unique payment system for our secure, well-marked VeriFone payment system. It will give a printed receipt and taxi details from the taxi meter.


They provide their service for the lowest price on the road. We can save up to fifty percent on our rides; they offer service in San Francisco and few cities in America. We need to do simply enter the destination in the app; the driver will take us there quickly and safely. We can pay for the ride through the app and there is also an option available we can share our experience about ride simply by tapping the button.

If we have a great experience with a driver and can add him as in our favorite list. While next booking the ride he will be in the first line for us. One of the best ways to ride in the low fare shares the rides with other who travel on the same route. It will cut our cost to half and we can save money. In the ride sharing, the peer- to- peer transportation network has helped to connect millions to share rides.


The main motto of the Gett rides- hail provider is “Happy Drivers means Happy Riders” and they take the transportation to the next level. Through this application, we can book our ride immediately or later along with the pickup locations. This app is the trustworthy app; it works seamless service for both the riders and drivers. As it results, the pickup and drop time will be in the perfect timing. It is one of the best and on demand global network already spanning across one hundred plus cities. They provide their service to four different countries and seven thousand plus corporate clients.

We can share the experience of the ride and rate the drivers through the app. It may help other riders to know about the drivers. We can contact the customer care at any time for the queries and register our complaint if we are not satisfied with the quality of the service.


If we are looking for the Hailo, need not worry we are in the right place to choose a ride. Hailo is just a clone of uber. They have just fused with mytaxi to create Europe’s largest taxi app. In London, they rebrand their business in the name of mytaxi. Though they change the name, the riders can access London’s finest black taxi with the brand new mytaxi app.

There is some procedure to join and create the business account. To open a new mytaxi business account simply sends an email to their business team. Hailo, the app uses the GPS technology to matches driver and the passenger depends on the availability. Customers also have the ability to specify if they are in the need of the wheel chair accessible vehicle or fixed price fare for the designated location where permitted. This app integrates with the social networking features, which allows the drivers to alert each other of location with high street demand, a traffic condition and even more. The passengers can add their debit or credit card details in the app; they are allowed to pay through this application.


BlaBlaCar is the trust worthy service provider connects the drive and the co- traveler who looking for a ride. Twelve million people use BlaBlaCar service for every quarter of the year by creating entirely new and powered network. The customers have the facility to book a ride in web and mobile platform; they furnish dedicated service to the fast growing community of users.

The customer can check for the drivers who are going to travel with them by verify Government ID and the friends of the social media sites. One more option is to go through the rating and feedback of a driver who had experience with them. The pool service option is also available for the same route traveler.

They have a special service for the women who like to travel along with women in the option of “Ladies Only”. Allow the members to plan for rideshare where the car owners and all the co-traveler were women. All members undergo certain process for the verification with ID proof of government. So, all women feel safe and secure to take a ride with their service.


For the riders who like to use the service of the Uber, book their ride through the app. Uber app connects the driver and riders, it is convenient, inexpensive and safe taxi service. The rider can hire a driver to pickup and drop at the destination with the tap of the button on their phone. The nearest driver accepts riders request and will pick up within minutes. Uber treat their drivers as a contractor, not as a driver, it allows them to set their hours. You can read more about the uber business model so that you will more idea on how it works.

Initially, it was launched in Sans Francisco, recently operates in seventy- seven countries. To start using Uber as a passenger then need to create an account. Install, Uber app in the mobile device and we can start to book for the ride and use Uber Estimate to know the cost of the ride. Once reaching the destination, we have the option to rate the driver’s service it may help for another passenger to known about the driver. It allows the cash free environment by linking the riders account to the PayPal account or pay by the valid credit card.


Lyft is the young ride- hailing service providing company. It develops, market, and operates the Lyft car transportation mobile app. To book a vehicle for a ride create an account and install the app in the riders’ device. If the riders request for a ride through the app, nearest driver accepts the request and pick up in their location and drop them at desired destination. Once reaching the destination, payment mode allowed in either cash or cash free and the riders are allowed to enter their feedback. There are several services furnishes for the riders they are Lyft Line, Lyft, Lyft Plus and Lyft Premier. read on How lyft works

For the safety of the customers, they select the drivers after several procedures like the personal type criminal background check and sex offender registries in the United States, then personal interview, the driver should be above twenty- one years or older had a driving license one year before. Lyft and General Motors announced as in a partnership that they were planning to test the autonomous car within the next year.

Cabily – Uber Clone Script

Cabily is the ride booking Uber clone scripts, location based app. It tracks drivers by using the GPS technology and network connection. It also has the same procedure to install the app and create an account. Send the request via the app, by adding the destination location, the nearest driver will pick up the customers and drop them at the destination location. Surge amount will be collected at the peak time or late night.

In this app, allows the riders to ‘book later’ option, it will alert the drivers at the scheduled time. There are some separate features for the drivers like they can know their earning status turn on the navigation to pick up and drop users, instant alerts on the ride request, and the drivers can add their bank account details so the admin sends earning to their accounts.

Still, there are some extra features in Cabily – Uber clone app. To know the prior fare for a ride, the users can look at the fare estimation option. In the Emergency contact feature, the user can add the few numbers, once the button is pressed then their location details will be shared to added person. It allows entering the feedback of both drivers and riders.

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