6 upcoming trends in enterprise and business chat apps

In this modern and the digital century, most business entities understand the importance having an enterprise chat application for better communication with the client’s, partner, colleagues, and agent has become trade necessity now. Interacting properly with clients and the parties is enlarging to get required output and results in a business scenario. Without the effective communication, it is impossible to run an organization successfully; each and every status of the project should be kept on the update.

It is also challenging one to choose the best platform to communicate with the company and one that should be performed carefully. It may be spotted as the trend in the business chat app. The app developers also bring a new solution to the every problem faced by the business people, the army new chat apps flooded in the cloud messaging market. There are lots of choices and many tools and the features gained its popularity among the chat platform. Let we see few most notable trends in the business chat app of the Scimbo App.


In the recent enterprise application didn’t count encryption as a default feature. But, the business chat app of Scimbo has the encryption as one of the main features of its products. Changing the context in the business chat apps, in the form encrypted message. So, most of the confidential people are ready to involve in the encrypted communication. We should ensure encryption is the included feature in the application; there are great chances of losing the message in case of the absence of the feature. While transfers a message to the destination, the text message change into an encrypted message at the same time the key generated to decrypt the message once it reaches the desired destination. The provider cannot access the message sent to its customers, this is only available for those have the encryption key.

Video Conference

Many of the business application adopted video feature as the default one lately. It is very easy to make the video call from most of the device from anywhere if the device connected to the network, whether it is a Snapchat like a dashboard or just a plain video. We can add any number of users in the video call to make it as a conference call.

The files sharing of any type of the device are the current trend in the business chat apps have adapted to this feature. Like the collaborative messaging software allows the users to share their screen and collaborate the documents in real time. In the recent focus on all- in- one collaboration platforms, business chat, becoming newer and more unified solutions.

Inclusion of AI and VR

The Artificial Intelligence Assistant integrates into the chat apps are appreciated by the business people for the seamless communication with their clients. Commercialization of artificial intelligence has been on the cards for a long time. It always fallen short of practical cognitive and the human perception abilities, hence never featured as the interaction tool.

However in the recent development in the field of the emotional perception, deep learning and the facial recognition with AI become more effective and useful. It is same with the virtual reality; it is a feature that stores the emotion and users language in the way of texting. It will suggest when the users enter their text. Companies are now exploring the possibilities of offering the best interaction features to the users with the help of VR. It penetrates in other industries too, apart from gaming and entertainment.


Data is the most valuable thing a firm holds, it should be protected from hacker and attackers while the file transformation to the clients or to the employees. Most of the business chat app focuses on the safety and security of the files. The top most chatting application enhanced their security level as two step verification for the users. Only the sender and the receiver can view the message and files. Politically some question arises due to the enhancement of the security that it supports the culprits. However, it needs for the organization development use to prevent the confidential files stolen by the attackers or unauthorized person. More advanced security measures like MDM/EMM support will be required for the app.

Fully searchable

The main objective is of this feature to unify the every aspect of the productivity solutions into a single platform. It is created when a company stores or handles too many different documents in the same working environment. Usually, this type of feature operates with the support of cloud storage, so it allows the user to store lots of files in it. With the support of the unique search tool it retrieves the required documents or any text in the short span of time. For a user, it will be a very troublesome process of searching a file in need of an emergency.

Channel communication

It is one of the best communications for the team members in an organization. A team can talk about the several topics in the channel like project deals, deliveries, financial and even more. A team member can create a public channel and private channel, in the public channel open to all the team members, discuss their perception about the project and their status of their work. They are visible to all the team members and even files can share in the channel. In the private channel, sensational topics can discuss as one to one conversation. Only the members who got the personal invitation can do chat in private channel.

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