6 safe & secure video chat apps for your Smartphone


In the contemporary situation, there are so many messaging applications are available to communicate with other people. Whatsapp is one of those messaging apps which are used to chat through online. This mobile application is otherwise named as social media owned mobile application and it could be an efficient way to have an online conversation. Currently, the Whatsapp has a number of users and also it is trying to add up with some advanced techniques towards the online conversation.

With the help of Whatsapp, messaging mobile application the people can send text messages, multimedia messages, and GIF animated videos too. Nowadays, this is possible to watch the YouTube videos through Whatsapp. There are some indispensable rules and regulations are available to access this social media owned mobile application. The account creation for Whatsapp requires a contact number of the particular user.

The Whatsapp can be accessible on the platform of Android and the internet operating systems. This mobile application is mainly used for an instant messaging and we can access this messaging service at any time. The advanced features of Whatsapp are supporting the user to have a better conversation. The main difference between the normal text message and the Whatsapp message is that the Whatsapp message is unlimited and free.


Scimbo is a clone script of Whatsapp and it is used to have an instant messaging service. Similar to the Whatsapp this messaging mobile application is performing the transmission of text messages, multimedia messages, and the GIF animated videos too. There are some crucial conditions are available to follow the user who is accessing this messaging service. This is a possibility to have a one to one chat and the group chats through online.

This is a reliable messaging service and we can share the contact details and the current location of the particular user. This messaging service is revealing the features for instant chat, distributing the notification, locking and unlocking the chats. Before accessing this messaging service, the user should have a complete knowledge about this. The free chat and calls are possible on the platform of an android. The respected web service and mobile devices are distributing the corresponding performance towards the desired task.

The mobile application of Scimbo, messaging service is activated with the help of Smartphones and tablets etc. This messaging service is supporting the user to invite non authenticated users to chat with them. As per the recent technologies, there are so many implementations are achieved within the mobile application of Scimbo.


Skype is one of the free video calling services which require data connectivity. By using the Skype call service, the people can make the group video call, instant messaging and screen sharing also. This calling service distributes so many features that we are expecting. It will be very much comfortable and with the help of internet connection, the people can be in a contact with others. With respect to the people’s demand, there are so many options are available to activate the video call.

This service is too affordable and this service is easing the process of video collaboration. This service is mostly used for business and it is acting as an interface between the different projects. It has some trendy features with it to have a video call through online with some limited restrictions. This instant messaging service is especially used for video chat services between the people.

The digital documents are directly transmitted and at the same time, we can make a conference call. This online chatting service is mainly available on the iPad platform and some entrepreneurs are using this service to develop their business by conducting the meetings through it. Wi-Fi or data connection and the opponent user’s contact number are more enough to make a call by using respective systems.


This Global mobile communication service is available on android, blackberry, and the windows phone. This service is available in 120 countries and in 62 languages. Introduced by the Samsung electronics and the web client are providing so many offers to the users through the web browsers. Registered people can share their document with the help of ChatOn on Facebook. Nowadays, the ChatOn messaging application is accessible by every smart device.

Initially, this is a messaging app is available on the Samsung device and after that; this messaging application has been implemented on every devices and system which are used for communication. A recent survey has stated that the users are spending just 6 seconds on ChatOn application. The broadcast delivery of the text messages and some other information are possible here to have a better performance.

This global communication software is designed as per the requirement of the user who wants to have an online conversation. There are so many innovative features are available to increase its standard and strategy. Through the ChatOn mobile application, we can easily share the pictures, voice recordings, videos and animated files etc. this Samsung’s application is sidelining the other messaging apps which are currently dominating the world.

Kik Messenger

This messenger is connecting the world through an app and the conversation will be achieved through online. We can stay in a contact with people and it can perform one to one chat and the group chats too. There are different options are available to perform the specific process through online. Availability of emoji to express the information in million ways and it will lead to the interactive communication. It doesn’t require a contact number of the opponent user and it needs only the username.

This mobile application is launched by the Canadian company and it has 300 million registered users around the world. This messaging service is connecting the people from the different places whatever the distance is. The platform of Android and iPhone is effectively accessing this application with limited restrictions. This admirable app is very popular to use and simultaneously adding some effective features with it.

In this messaging application, we can chat with 49 other people via the group chat. There are so many entertainment processes are available and at the same time, the user should have a proper knowledge about this messenger. It has a restriction like a user should have an age of above 13 and if it is below 13; the parents should deactivate the Kik Messenger app.


This is a freeware mobile application which is used for an instant communication through the Smartphones and some other devices. The users can share their pictures, messages to the opponent users through online. In fact, this is a free messaging app because whenever and wherever the people can access this application. We can have voice calls and video calls by using this mobile application. It is providing some exciting and admirable stickers are available to send information.

It has nearly 170 million app users around the world and this mobile application is looking for activating on the blackberry operating systems. This is one of the most popular messaging apps to be in a contact with other people. The line is a Chinese messaging app and it is effectively performing the two-way messaging service. This mobile application distributes so many security options to the users who are all accessing this service through online.

Dramatically, the performance of this mobile application which is used for the messaging is increasing and increasing with respect to the internet connectivity. Games are available in an advanced manner to entertain the user. Its initial public offering will be very much useful to the user and the people can have unlimited calls and messages through it.

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