6 popular Airbnb alternatives for your next trip


In the current scenario, the people are always busy with their own schedule and they are looking for the easiest way to accomplish their day-to-day work. For that purpose, most of the mobile application has been introduced and those are implemented as per the requirements of the user towards the desired project. Expedia is one of the online rental mobile applications to have a better performance.

There are some mandatory terms and conditions are available to access this service and also it could be the best solution to spend time on holidays. Expedia. Inc. is a traveling website of Expedia service which provides the airline tickets, Hotel reservations, car rental service etc. The projects are achieved with the support of Global distribution systems and the reservation facility also possible in this service to have a rental service by the respective mobile application.

This mobile application has been initially introduced as the first Microsoft Internet property. This service distributes Expedia special rate for the each and every rental process. A recent survey is stated that the travel agency of Expedia is providing some virtual booking services to the user. The people can have complete details towards the schedule what they are going to have.


Wimdu is another one rental agency, which supports the people to entertain on their vocational days with the coolest place. This service makes a deal with the best apartment in the center of the city and it could be the better way to access the rental service. There are some indispensable conditions are available to access the mobile application of this service.

This is a perfect marketplace or the hospitality service to have a short-term lodging service with a number of facilities. This service is a major competitor of Airbnb, online room rental service to achieve the global vacation in a perfect manner. It contains nearly 3, 50,000 places around the world and those are available in 150 countries. With respect to the facilities, which are provided by the organization, the rent will be varying a lot.

The service will be achieved with the affordable accommodation, city trips, and food guides etc. The vacation rental service of Wimdu is establishing so many advanced factors towards the desired project. This service is available on anytime and the pre—booking facility also possible in this Wimdu. While we accessing this service, there will be some limited restrictions to protect the expensive items of the user.


Renter is an Airbnb clone service, which is mainly used for room, and traveling rental service to the user. It has some efficient key features to achieve the desired project of the user who is accessing this service to the respected mobile application. The user should ensure with the fair home rules and regulations, which will lead to the proper rental process. This well located mobile application reveals the performance of currency converter.

The people can easily download this script from Zoplay and most of the entrepreneurs are getting benefit through this service. This rental service is requiring the digital signature to book the desired project. The renters, online rental service are demanding a prior application to access the service of hotel accommodation and travel arrangements etc.

Mostly the rental mobile application distributes the rental application as a soft copy to get the details of the user. Most of the people in our world are looking for this kind of mobile application to access the rental service. The mobile application reveals some procedure with proper guidelines towards the task. Some of the people do not have knowledge about the unknown place to visit and for that this renter will be very much helpful to have.


This room rental service is providing a better idea to access the place to accommodate at the same time to travel. There are some indispensable rules and regulations are available to access the mobile application of 9Flats. While having a rental process, the service reveals a number of privacy and security settings towards the user. This service provides a proper receipt to stay in certain place for business or family trip etc.

It can be supporting the more local trips with respect to the user’s demand. The mobile application facilitates different kinds of options to the user’s demand towards the rental service. There is a possibility to have 6 percent of commission for the process of booking which is made through the advertisement. In the rental service, if the bookings are confirmed, a user can have a number of benefits through the mobile application.

With the help of the mobile application of this rental service, the people can access it at an affordable cost. The service is implementing some features on the mobile application and facilitating some offers to the user to increase the standard and strategy of this service. This is a perfect marketplace to have a high level of brand recognition towards the room rental service on the vocational days.


This is a vacation rental marketplace where the people can have more than 2, 00,000 rental services around the world. The mobile application of this service is available in 50 websites and 23 languages. It will distribute most of the trustworthy services for the holiday homes to the user who are all accessing the mobile application of this service. In the HomeAway, the complete revenue is invested in the brand marketing to the process of product development.

There are so many advanced features are added up with it to improve its standard and strategy towards the desired task of the rental service. The property owners are preceding a direct deal with the user through the respected mobile application. The economic contribution of the Homeaway rental service is the reasonable one and it could be the efficient process to access the service for accommodation and traveling etc.

The user can have a tracking facility to find out the listings about the rental service and also the travelers can have an admirable experience. The mobile application of Homeaway is effectively performing the process of booking this rental service through online. It has the option to update a feedback about the rental service, which is flexible to the user and the reliable one.


Tripping is another one rental service which is performing or demanding the projects through online. Are you looking for a place to stay as per your wish? Better you can prefer this Tripping mobile application to get the details about it. This is a world’s largest search engine for a short-term rental service and it covers 10 million properties with 1, 50,000 destinations around the world.

It directly displays the booking websites with it for pre-defined booking service. Location based features and specifications are added up with this service to achieve the desired task effectively. There are some crucial terms are available to access the rental service through this application properly. At the same time, most of the rental services are saving our time and money and Tripping is one of those.

This is a San Francisco based mobile application, which distributes the different kinds of tasks with respect to the user’s demand. The user’s feedback is an important one to change the performance of this service to provide a desired rental facility to the user. At the maximum, the rental houses, which are included with this service, will be placed in the center of the city to make a user to feel comfortable.

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