5 Best instant chat app Alternatives to Slack


Scimbo is a messaging mobile application which facilitates one to one chat and Group chats between the people. Additionally, this mobile application has been added up with so many advanced features to ease the desired task towards the online conversation. With the help of web service and mobile devices, this messaging service can be implemented and accessed successfully. In this Scimbo, messaging application, the user can share the contacts of their friends and also the current location of them.

Sharing images, audios and videos are achieved with certain advanced features which are available in this mobile application, Scimbo. The Clone script mobile application of Scimbo is accessible on multiple platforms. While comparing with the other messaging application, the Scimbo is more reliable and it works with the contact number of the user. The design of this mobile application has an ability to invite the non-users to chat through the text messages.

Scimbo is distributing the features for instant chat, updating notifications and for lock chat too. This messaging mobile app is designed in such a way it provides a better performance towards the online conversation. There is certain legal information is provided to the user before utilizing this application. Registration to access this app will be successful with the respected security code which is sent to the corresponding mobile number.


This most popular project management tool is containing a number of project management software with it. This software is establishing a better performance of the following tools which are named as CRM (Customer relationship management), Project management, time management and document management etc. this Bitrix24 software is performing the functions of content sharing, instant messaging, commenting and liking the user’s profiles etc.

Bitrix24 is a better intermediate to communicate with the other people who are all accessing this. There is some automated process also available in this Bitrix24 which are named as subscriptions, notifications and providing some practical solutions etc. It contains most of the flexible tools which are supporting the virtual telephone calling process. Accessing this software on the platform of Android and the internet operating system is completely free.

To manage a company, this software will be very much helpful to the user and it distributes robust modules for the intranet services. A telephony service plays a better role towards the online conversation and it will lead to the collaboration. Real time communication tools are available in this software and also it is mainly used to coordinate projects, schedules, and tasks. This software improves the employee engagement with different kinds of tasks towards the online conversation.


By the help of Basecamp, we can have an interrupt free conversation and also this software mobile application is performing the project management. It most needed one when we are receiving unlimited emails and texts and through this software application, the people can share our ideas. Achieving the desired result towards the particular task is worked out from the email itself. In this Basecamp software, this is very easy to find the files with respect to the demand of the user.

There are some indispensable rules and regulations are available to access the software and having benefits through that. Basecamp is performing the streamline communication and it supports the user to keep the information together. The document which is available in the Basecamp is allowing the user to read and write directly as per their opinion. The Basecamp’s application is trying to develop the features of the particular mobile application.

It is easily managing the user permissions with the respective tasks and we can restore the deleted items by using this software. It could be an excellent way to have an online conversation and the user can create own company billing and some other managing facilities. The only one drawback is that we can’t customize the layout.

Zoho Chat

There are so many chating applications are available in our world to share the information. Through this Zoho chat, we can communicate with the opponent user and transfer the information very effectively. This Zoho chat service will be very interesting to the user at the same time; this service will be completely free for the number of users. Team communication is possible and it collaborates the app features with respect to the user’s demand.

It will be very effective to activate on the workplace and this is a web based messaging service which is used for an instant messaging. This doesn’t need any kind of installation and downloading process to make use of it. It can be accessed on the site of Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Jabber etc. this Zoho chat reveals so many advanced facilities to the user and the conversation which is made through this software will be quite impressive to the user.

This application is grouping the people for the different kinds of criteria and simultaneously the feedback will be generated through the application. It is mainly for the informality and creativity workplace for the communication which connects the people together. Rather than the other communication medium, this Zoho chat is performing very effectively towards the online conversation.


Hipchat also used as a communicative medium to the users and it could be an efficient way to transmit the information. Unlimited group chat is available through this mobile application software of Hipchat. This software is facilitating so many advanced processes to the users and those are named as Group video chat, Easy screen sharing, and some other admirable features. This web service is providing the internal private online chat and the instant messaging service.

It also reveals the cloud based file storage, video calling, and online message viewing features. Currently, this application software which is used for as a messaging service is accomplishing so many advanced techniques towards the online conversation. The transmission of information is achieved very faster and the people can invite some other people to join with them. This is possible to share our conversation screen up to 20 people.

It can be accessed on the platform of devices like Smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets etc. This Hipchat service is also using the native applications to make the conversation and some other tasks even better. This is a cost free service and this service distributes private cloud facility to the user. With the usage of this service, we can easily find out the buried emails.

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