11 Most popular and leading Ride-sharing Apps


Uber network is providing the ride-sharing techniques to the users who are all interested in traveling. This location based transportation service is headquartered in San Francisco. The desired projects are demanded through the mobile applications which are provided by the respective organization. Currently, this transportation service is available in 633 cities around the world. This ride-hailing service is providing a mutual benefit to the user as well as the organization which is maintaining.

Through the mobile application, the user can book the tickets and there is an availability to have complete information while traveling. Uber, ride hailing service is recruiting so many skilled drivers to direct the route for the commuter. At the same time, there will be some offers are provided through the organization to maintain its standard, strategy, and number of users. Mostly this service is accessed by the speculators who are looking for time management.


This is another one transportation service which distributes different kinds of vehicles to the users. We can access this ride-hailing service on anytime and at anywhere around the world. It also deals with some respective mobile applications which reveal so many advanced features and specifications with it. Riding at the maximum speed is possible in this ride-hailing service with limited restrictions. In this Lyft, the numbers of accidents are less than some other transportation service.

The mobile application which is related to this service is accessible on the platform of Android and the internet operating system. Self-driving vehicles are available in this service and accessing this service could be an efficient way to have a happy journey. The rides are achieved at an affordable price and within a minute time, the driver will pick up you to reach the desired destination. There are some technical and advanced components are available in this transportation service.


The Uber’s clone script of cabily, ride-hailing service is facilitating so many benefits and offers to the users who are all accessing this service through the respected mobile application. This transportation service is providing the projects similar to the Uber and it could be an efficient way to have a journey. Mostly the speculators are accessing this service to manage their time by more number of advanced features. In the current scenario, the people are accessing the mobile application to ease every work towards the different fields.

The user can receive the promotion and referral code to verify the free ride facility and also app tracking feature also added up with it. This dispatching software is 100 percent customizable with some limited restrictions to have some benefits. Multiple location accessibilities are possible in this ride-hailing service which distributes various tasks. This taxi booking app will lead to the hassle out traveling process to the commuters.


Juno is a ride-sharing company which is at the start-up level and it facilitates the mobile application to the user for their convenience. It provides a socially responsible car drive to the riders and also the commuters. Eventhough this company is start up one, it facilitates so many offers to the user. In the forthcoming generation, the Juno, ride-hailing service will facilitate so many advanced features to the users with respect to their demand.

For a limited time, the riders can have 30 percent of special offers and desired facilities additionally. The mobile application of Juno will be accessible in the certain platforms which are effectively performing the desired operations. The organization of Juno is treating the driver and commuter in the best level. This transportation service is competing with the Uber in New York. The drivers who are all working in Juno are friendlier than the Uber and Lyft, transportation service.

Didi chuxing

This is a Chinese ride-hailing service, which distributes the different kinds of a vehicle for the users to reach their required place. This Didi chuxing transportation service mobile application is having 400 million active users currently. Around China, this transportation service has been expanded upto 400 cities. This ride-hailing service is trying to increase its standard and strategy and also increasing the number of users by sidelining the other service. The head quarters for this Didi chuxing is placed in Beijing.

This mobile application is not that much famous, but its revenue becomes near to the Uber transportation service. This ride-sharing service is hiring so many skilled users depending upon the user’s demand. This Didi chuxing service is one of the famous mobile applications which are available in China. It regularly performs 1 million daily trips per day with a number of rules and regulations which are defined by the respected organization.


Kabbee is a taxi-hailing mobile application which is used for the commuters who are all interest in traveling. This Kabbee transportation service is 65 percent cheaper than the other service. The commuter can access this service on anytime and this mobile application is trusted & reliable one to have. The process of booking minicabs through the Kabbee is a cost effective one. This is a San Francisco based ride-sharing company which distributes the desired task towards the transportation.

Slashed traveling fares are available for the customers who are all accessing this mobile application. This service is an award winning minicab facility in London and it will be very helpful to the business people who want to manage their time. With respect to its advanced features, the Kabbee is estimating a high-level charge to the transportation. For this rival app, there is an availability to book the tickets very earlier.


In fact, this Blablacar transportation service is mainly following the carpooling technique for reducing the traffic issues. The Blablacar service is providing more number of different vehicles to the commuters who are willing to travel. The world’s leading car pooling platform connects the number of people by the support of transportation service. In the forthcoming generation, there will be so many efficient and advanced features are introduced to increase its standard and strategy.

The mobile application reveals so many desired safety, trust and insurance facility to the commuters who are all traveling with it. Currently, there are 12 million people are connected together with this powered network. Blablacar is mostly performing the social related projects with some money saving techniques. This service and the mobile applications are accessed by the people from 22 countries. It is the world’s largest ride-sharing company which led the people to reach their desired destination.


The ride-sharing mobile application of gett is called as getTaxi in ancient days and the commuters can carry the goods and services with them. This mobile application which is used for ride-sharing is GPS based Smartphone app. It is mainly accessible in iPhone and Android platforms and this is London’s ride-sharing mobile application. In this mobile application, most of the available vehicles are taxis and some other unique also available in this transportation service.

In the current scenario, the gett service vehicles are available in more than 100 countries around the world. This is a customer friendly car-hailing service which is too reliable towards the service of transportation. It is similar to the gaming mobile application to the process of ride-hailing and recently it has been added up with courier service to get the user. Through the on demand courier service, the desired project will be achieved within 20 minutes.


Ola is one of the most popular ride-hailing services which are currently competing with Uber, transportation service. Whatever the time, the commuter can book the vehicle through online and they can have a happy journey. We can easily access the auto to reach the desired location from our doorstep. While traveling in this transportation service, there is availability to access the free Wi-Fi to the users. In the current scenario, this service s available in India and it integrates the city transportation facility.

The vehicles are accessed through the mobile technology platform and it has nearly 4, 50,000 vehicles to travel. The air conditioned cabs are available in this Ola and can be accessible at affordable costs. This ride-hailing company is one of the fastest growing companies and it facilitates the auto rickshaws, bus shuttles, and cars. The drivers who are all working in this transportation service are behaving very best in professionally and personally.


Hailo is a technological platform which is used for the drivers and the commuters through the specific mobile application. A recent survey is stated that this ride-hailing service is available around 16 cities. This car-hailing technique is started up by the MyTaxi e-hailing company which is active through online. It has nearly 30,000 registered drivers to direct the route for the commuter who is traveling through this service. This is a Smartphone mobile application especially for the licensed vehicle to drive and travel.

The people can easily download this mobile application from the iTunes app store or Google Play. Recently, this transportation service had a great loss and after that, it has been changed its features and specifications on the respected mobile application. For this Hailo transportation service, the annual revenue will be 39 percent high comparatively. There are certain rules and regulations are available to access this service to have a worthy transportation service.


There is a feature, where you can pay through your e-wallet or card rather than cash. The user need not wait for a long time as there are hundreds of cabs available at their disposal. Curb provides service which is effective and secure with fully licensed drivers. The rides are absolutely reliable by using high class and efficient technology. The best service which is available with a curb is a wheelchair accessible vehicle which is available in select markets.

There is a referral code to avail a discount for a ride or take a free ride. Riders have the option to give a feedback on their rides which will help curb to improve its service. Curb possess a feature where the rider can pre-book a ride and it will be made available for the rider. This ride-sharing app is one of a kind and is filled with interesting features that you got to give it a try.


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